Privacy Policy

Welcome to the privacy policy section of the Fitness Way. Many people would be curious about their privacy; we can assure that one’s identity is completely safe with us. The website has prioritized the user’s privacy more than anything else. WE have sort to keep the user anonymous on the website. Sure, the website takes some of the users’ data, but we can assure that it is only for research purposes and nothing else. The data that we acquire over time is used to make this website more responsive and useful for a person. There is no malicious intent hidden in any form. The data acquired is used to improve the access to the website, make it optimized and her reason. This will eventually help the person accessing this website.

Heading into more detail for the privacy of a user: –

  • User consent: – This website is mainly to help a person make his/her life better. is specifically for people above the age of 18. The website contains all sorts of information about a supplement and the link to buy that supplement. The supplement can only be used by people above the age of 18. Therefore, we have listed that this website should only be accessed by people above the age of 18.
  • Information collection: – This website contains links that may ask the user to enter their details and other information. This data may be required to ask a person about their reviews or doubts related to the supplement they just visited. This will help both the company and the user a lot. For example, when a person is on a website, they may be asked to fill a form asking about their name, email, or mobile number. This could be used later to ask about their feedbacks or enquire about certain things. Apart from asking the information straightforward, this website also contains some other tactics to take user data. The data is taken secretly and is used for research purposes. The site uses information such as IP addresses, cookies, internet tags, and navigation data of the website. This data is collected with user permission and is used to optimize the website and set it according to user preference. This all is used at last to help the user for searching the desired supplement easily.

Disclosure of information to the third party

Well, Fitness Way and its creator may disclose the personal information of a user to some third party. The reason behind this disclosure is to help the user in the end. The information of the user and their preferences are given to some third party so that they could develop more supplement, which is according to the user preference. This will help the user to get out of their problems more easily. Other than the user preference, their other information may also be given to the third party at the sole discretion of the company. This all be valid under the law and has been mentioned in the declaimer section.

Opt-out Procedures

There may be certain times when a user may not feel comfortable continuing sharing information with us or getting communication from our side. In this case, the user can simply choose to opt-out of this cycle. The information which is asked or used by the company is done under the sole duration of the user. If a user isn’t comfortable with sharing their information, they can simply send an email to the official email of the company.They can also send a mail or letter to the company headquarter address, and we shall stop sending the information to the user.